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The village office is open 3 days a week from 8:30 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and a monthly calendar is posted in the post office and on the village office door.


2021 is a property revaluation year.  Every 4 years all properties in Saskatchewan are given a new property assessment value according to current market values. Municipalities and School Divisions are also given a percent of value which they will use when assessing taxes.  Many of your property assessments have gone up and this may affect your taxes.  Please ask questions if you are having difficulty understanding your assessment, and remember you have just 60 days to appeal.  If you have any questions about your new assessment, please contact the Village Office.


The Village Skating Rink was a big success again this year!  Many Thanks to Harvey Linnen for the hours put in keeping the rink flooded and cleared of snow!  If you see Harvey around the village be sure to thank him for all he does to keep the village running smoothly! 


The warmer weather has arrived and our community is getting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Please remember that loud music, a smoky campfire and other activities which can disturb

your neighbours, are not allowed under the Nuisance Bylaw as they affect “people’s use and enjoyment of their property”.  This includes barking dogs and roaming cats.


The Village is having a Clean-Up day on May 29, 2021.  Once again there will be an extra bin at the Nuisance Ground and you can dispose of large items and metal for a cost.  An information notice will be coming out in May.  Please remember that the compost pile is not for tree cones or branches!  These can be brought to the clean wood burning pit at the Nuisance Ground.


The Village Council will once again hire a part time Commissionaire to help with the enforcement of the Village Bylaws from May to October.  Council will be focusing on the Nuisance Bylaw and working closely with SGI, the RCMP and the Commissionaire. The village will permit 2 junked or unregistered vehicles, this includes trailers, but they must be stored in the resident’s driveway or at the rear of the property.


Please take the time to read the bylaw in its entirety. The Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 5-2018 can be viewed on the village website, in the village office or by contacting a member of the Village Council. 




            Remember Bylaw 5-2018, Nuisance Abatement Bylaw deals with resident’s rights    to live   in a safe and healthy environment with the ability to enjoy and use their property.

< >Under this bylaw it is the owner’s responsibility to attend to overgrown grass, weeds and shrubs, dead trees and branches, junked and unlicensed vehicles and unsightly storage of materials which can become a home to rodents, vermin and insects.The Village Office has bait stations and poison available for sale.  $30.00 for a rodent bait station and $10.00 for the poison.


Streets and sidewalks are expensive to maintain and replace.  Please do your part by only using designated driveways and not parking on the sidewalks. Make sure your waste and recycling carts are far enough out from the road edge so the truck does not have to drive along the edge and damage the road surface. 


All backyard fire pits must be inspected by a member of Council and the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief before using.  Always use extreme caution, have a supply of water near at hand, never leave a fire unattended and only burn in the approved fire pit.  As always, the use of burning barrels or the burning of household or commercial garbage is prohibited.  The Village Council and the Fire Chief have the authority to put out any fires they deem unsafe and if the fire trucks are dispatched the land owner will be charged a minimum of $2200.00 for the fire call.




The Neville Inter-Municipal Fire Department is continuing to raise money for a new fire truck and a new tank truck.  Thank you to all who have donated so far!  The fire department is also selling first aid kits as a fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards the new trucks. The order forms are included and are due by April 21, 2021.


The fire department is raffling off a combination smoker/barbeque.  Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20.00 and the draw is Father’s Day.  Good Luck!  See a department member, a member of Council or the office for tickets.


Let’s all take pride in our community! 


Our year-end financial audit will be completed and available for viewing at the Village Office by the end of June.  The budget for 2021 will be available April 1, 2021.  


Remember to pay your Municipal taxes early and receive up to a 5% discount.  There is no longer a discount on the school portion.


Any questions or concerns contact:

            Mayor:             Nora McLearn              306-774-5771

            Councilors:       Mary Ferris                  306-315-3515

                                    Jennifer Cote               306-750-0834


Or the Village of Neville Office:          306-627-3255


Or visit our website at







Have a safe and enjoyable

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