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PRESENT:  Mayor Nora McLearn, Councilor Mary Ferris, Councilor Jennifer Cote, Clerk Cindy Berry, and Administrator Sandra Krushelniski. 



CALL TO ORDER: Mayor McLearn called the regular meeting of Council to order at 7:00 p.m. 


221/21 Adoption of Agenda

Ferris:  That the Agenda be adopted as provided.




PUBLIC DISCLOSURE STATEMENT:  Public Disclosure Statements were completed.


PRESENTATION:  There were no presentations.


222/21 Minutes

Cote:  That the minutes of the regular meeting held on October 13, 2021 be approved.



223/21 Correspondence

Ferris:  That the following correspondence having been read, be accepted as information and filed:

                           - Ambulance Statistics for September

                           - Ponteix Ambulance Board AGM

                           - Horizons - STARS

                           - SAMA Roll Confirmation

                           - SUMA Webinars

                           - SWTPC Agenda & Minutes

                           - Infrastructure Grant Program Information



224/21 Financial Reports

Cote:  That bank reconciliations, cash receipts and cash payments for the month of October 2021 be acknowledged and filed.


225/21 Payment of Accounts

            Ferris:  That the following expenses for October 14, 2021 – November 10, 2021 are approved:


                                    SaskTel                                            73.62       ---

                                    Cindy Berry                                1038.30       4955

                                    Harvey Linnen (lgt ballast)           173.13       4956

                                    Cindy Berry                                  795.46       4957   

                                    SK Ministry of Hwys                 7881.00       4958

                                    RCL #328                                       55.00       4959

                                    Xerox                                            164.77       4960

                                    Commissionaires                           166.95       4961

                                    Minister of Finance                       183.75       4962

                                    TAXervice                                    693.00       4963

                                    Transfer to Fire                           1360.78       ---

                                    Transfer to Capital                      2258.64       ---

                                    Revenue Canada                         1068.42       4964

                                    Returned Cheque Fee                       7.00       ---

                                    Ben McLearn                                  50.00       4965

                                    Harvey Linnen                              154.00       4966

                                    Nora McLearn                               150.00       4967

                                    Mary Ferris                                      90.00       4968

                                    Jennifer Cote                                   90.00       4969

                                    Sandra Krushelniski                      108.00       4970

                                    SaskPower                                    294.26       ---

                                    SaskPower                                    128.46       ---

                                    SaskEnergy                                     85.78       ---

                                    SUMA                                          397.77       4971

                                    MEPP                                            552.82       4972

                                    SK Finance School Tax                837.81       4973

                                    Triways                                       1183.39       4974

                                    Vanguard Co-Op                            53.58       4975


#8023 195                   Rocky Mtn Phoenix                      841.38         855

                                    SaskPower                                      43.60           ---

                                    SaskEnergy                                     51.99           ---

                                    Hutch Ambulance                         225.00         856





226/21 Council Monthly Reports

            McLearn:  That Council accepts the verbal and written Council Monthly Reports. 



            Tax Enforcement

            Council was updated on Tax Enforcement. 


227/21 Commissionaires

            Cote:  That the Commissionaires report from October 14, 2021 is accepted.



            Nuisance Grounds

            Council was updated on the telephone meeting with Stantec and Ministry of the Environment.     The Ministry of the Environment is pressuring the village to apply for a grant for full closure of           the Nuisance Grounds, even though the closure costs are still unknown and the village’s 25%     portion of the final funding could run as high as $80,000.00. 



228/21 Fire Department Report

            McLearn:  That Council accepts the Fire Report as read. 



229/21 Lagoon Report

            Cote:  That Council accepts the lagoon reports for October and November 2021. 



230/21  Asset Management SK

             Ferris:  That Council directs the Clerk to register for one seat, with unlimited access, to

             the course “The Asset Register & Initial State of the Infrastructure Report”.




231/21 Community Volunteer Service Contract

            Cote:  Council directs the Village Clerk, in consultation with the mayor, to write letters to the             participants of the Community Volunteer Service Contracts indicating if the contracts were             fulfilled.                                             


            OCP and Planning Bylaws

            Council was updated about a phone meeting with the planner on November 16, 2021. 




            Municipal Policing

            Council was updated that the new R.C.M.P. contract and retroactive pay could increase our             Municipal Policing costs by over $1000.00 the first year and about $200.00 for each year after. 


            Revenue Sharing Grant

            Council was informed that our Revenue Sharing Grant is based on the PST revenue.  Due to             covid, the PST was reduced in 2020 and 2021 and will therefore affect our grants for 2022 and   2023. 


232/21 Wreath Laying

            Cote:  That Council approves Councilor Ferris to lay the wreath for the village at the November    11, 2021 service at the Neville Cenotaph. 



 233/21 Regional Administrator Meeting

            McLearn:  That Council approves the Village Clerk attending the virtual Division 2 Regional             Administrator meeting on Friday November 26, 2021 from 11:30 to 1:30. 



234/21 SaskEnergy Line under Village Shed

            Cote:  That Council directs the Clerk to schedule SaskEnergy to move the gas line at a cost of             $940.00 plus tax.  This is to be scheduled in the spring of 2022.



235/21 Agreement for Sale

            Ferris:  That Council conditionally accepts the Offer to Purchase Block 2, Lots 1 – 6, Plan             M278. Taxes will commence once the title has been transferred.  



236/21 Covid Policy

            Cote:  That Council directs the Clerk to complete a Covid policy which only allows fully vaccinated persons, 18 years and over, to attend in person to meetings of the Village Council.




237/21 Resolution to Add Outstanding Utility Bills to Taxes

            Ferris:  That Council directs the Administrator to transfer all outstanding Utility Bills to the          tax roll on December 31, 2021 as per Bylaw 5-2016. 



238/21 Drop-In Contract

Cote:  That the Neville Rec Board be charged $75.00 per month to cover utilities (power, gas, water and sewer) for every month that the Drop-In Center is open in 2022, and $1.00 per year lease.  Further, Council directs the Administrator to draft this agreement for Council and the Neville Recreation Board to sign. 



Ferris:  That the 2022 rate for mileage remain at $.59 per kilometer.



240/21 Council Remuneration

Cote:  That Council remuneration remain as follows for 2021:  Mayor $150.00 per month and Councilors $90.00 per month.  Council will receive their monthly remuneration if they have actively worked for council that month and, due to no fault of their own, are unable to attend the Council meeting.   


241/21 Maintenance Contract

Ferris:  That the Village of Neville continues to contract Harvey Linnen for maintenance services for the Village for 2022.  The contract will be for a minimum of 7 hours per month at $23.00 per hour for maintenance and $23.00 per hour for mowing and snow removal. 



242/19 Deputy Mayor

Ferris:  That Councilor Cote be appointed Deputy Mayor for 2022.



243/21 Development Appeal Board

Ferris:  That the following people are appointed to the Development Appeal Board for RM of Lac Pelletier for 2022:

            Mayor Nora McLearn

            Councilor Mary Ferris

            Councilor Jennifer Cote



244/21 Solicitor

Cote:  That Anderson & Company be retained as Solicitors for 2022. 



245/21 Auditor

Ferris:  That Dudley & Co. be appointed as Auditor for 2022. 



246/21 Appointments

Cote:  That the following appointments be made for 2022:

            Snow Removal                        Council

            Office – Personnel                  Council

                        - Complex                   Council

            Sewer/Lagoon                         Council

            Roadwork                               Council

            Machine Maintenance             Harvey Linnen

            Finance                                    Council

            Animal Control Officer          Council

            Pest Control Officer               Jim McDowell

            Assessor                                  Village Clerk

            Prairie Pioneer Lodge             Don Forness

            Ambulance Board                   Nora McLearn

            Fire Board                               Council

            Neville Rec Board                  Council

            Board of Revision                   Notekeu Board of Revision

            Secretary Board of Revision   Notekeu Board of Revision

            Nuisance Grounds                  Council

            Lac Pelletier Ref. Park Rep.   Doug Sherman and Nora McLearn

            Notukeu Brd of Revision       Keith Carleton

            Emergency Contact List         Village Administrator




Mayor McLearn declared a pecuniary interest and left the meeting at 8:55 pm


247/21 Waste Water Collection

Ferris:  That the Village of Neville agrees to contract Ben McLearn to supervise the Waste Water Collection for 2022. 



Mayor McLearn returned to the meeting at 9:00 pm


248/21 Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant – Declaration of Eligibility

            Cote:  The Council of the Village of Neville confirms the municipality meets the following             eligibility requirements to receive the Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant:

  • Submission of the 2020 Audited Financial Statement to the Ministry of Government Relations;

  • The municipality does not run a Municipal Waterworks System;

  • In Good Standing with respect to the reporting and remittance of Education Property Taxes;

  • Adoption of a Council Procedures Bylaw;

  • Adoption of an Employee Code of Conduct; and

  • All members of council have filed and annually updated their Public Disclosure Statements, as required; and

            That we authorize the Administrator to sign the Declaration of Eligibility and submit it to the             Ministry of Government Relations.


249/21 Christmas Dinner 2021

            Ferris:  That Council directs the Village Clerk to find a suitable restaurant for the 2021      Christmas dinner to be held December 11, 2021. 



250/21 Village Clerk Holiday Pay

            Ferris:  That Council agrees to the Clerk carrying over a maximum of $600.00 of holiday pay        into 2022. The remainder, if any, will be paid out in December 2021. 



251/21 December Calendar

Cote:  That Council approves the Office Calendar for December 2021.





252/21 Next Meeting

            McLearn:  That the next regular Council Meeting will be December 8, 2021 at 7 p.m.        




ADJOURNMENT:  Mayor McLearn declared the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.




                                    _____________________                 ______________________                        


                                     Mayor                                                Clerk

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