PRESENT:  Mayor Nora McLearn, Councilor Mary Ferris, Councilor Jennifer Cote and Administrator Cindy Berry. 



CALL TO ORDER: Administrator Cindy Berry called the regular meeting of Council to order at 7:00                         p.m. 


OATH OF OFFICE: The Oaths of Office were read and signed.


Administrator Berry turned the meeting over to Mayor McLearn at 7:10 pm


PUBLIC DISCLOSURE STATEMENT:  Public Disclosure Statements were completed.


CODE OF ETHICS: The Code of Ethics was reviewed.


ORIENTATION:  The Councilor Handbook was reviewed.


207/20 Minutes

Ferris:  That the minutes of the regular meeting held on October 14, 2020 be accepted.



208/20 Minutes

McLearn:  That the minutes of the special meeting held on November 5, 2020 be accepted.



209/20 Correspondence

Cote:  That the following correspondence having been read, be accepted as information and filed:

                           - Election 2020 Results

                           - 2020 Crime Prevention Guide

                           - October Ambulance Report

                           - RCMP Update and Statistics

                           - Heritage Building Webinars

                           - Dickson Agency Changes



210/20 Financial Reports

Ferris:  That bank reconciliations, cash receipts and cash payments for the month of October 2020 be acknowledged and filed.


211/20 Payment of Accounts

            Cote:  That the following expenses for October 15, 2020 – November 18, 2020 are approved:

#1026131                    SaskTel                                            72.82        ---

                                    Cindy Berry                                  766.64       4683

                                    Mary Ferris                                      18.48       4684

                                    Cindy Berry                                    14.42       4685

                                    Melhoff Electric                          2941.50       4686

                                    Dickson Agencies                         399.62       4687

                                    Nodge                                             15.25       4688

                                    Vanguard Co-Op                            50.66       4689

                                    RCL 328                                         55.00       4690

                                    Cindy Berry                                  700.61       4691

                                    Revenue Canada                           820.26       4692

                                    Ben McLearn                                  50.00       4693

                                    Harvey Linnen                              120.00       4694

                                    Nora McLearn                               150.00       4695

                                    Mary Ferris                                      90.00       4696

                                    Jennifer Cote                                   90.00       4697

                                    SaskPower                                    323.11       ---

                                    SaskPower                                    414.87       ---

                                    SaskEnergy                                   102.36       ---

                                    SUMA                                          371.58       4698

                                    MEPP                                            438.48       4699

                                    SK Finance School                       313.60       4700

                                    Southwest Booster                        241.50       4701

                                    Commissionaires                           163.80       4702

                                    Void Cheque                                   ---            4703

                                    Triways                                       1089.19       4704

                                    Pioneer Co-Op                                52.21       4705

                                    Cindy Berry                                  893.87       4706

                                    June Kelly                                       80.00       4707

                                    Don Forness                                  280.00       4708

                                    Vanguard Co-Op                          320.52       4709


#8023 195                   Vanguard Co-Op                          733         340.53   

                                    SaskPower                                       ---           37.53   

                                    SaskEnergy                                     ---           79.20

                                    RM of Swift Current                    734         500.00

                                    Vanguard Co-Op                          735         104.08                                                                                                                                                                       




212/20 Council Monthly Reports

            Ferris:  That Council accepts the verbal Council Monthly Reports. 



213/20 Tax Enforcement

            McLearn:  Council directs the Administrator to register the Provincial Mediation Board’s Consent to Take Title, and to issue the Thirty Day Final Notice once the consent is registered.





214/20 Tax Enforcement

            Ferris:  That Taxervice be authorized under s22(1) of The Tax Enforcement Act on or after             December 9, 2020 to commence proceedings to request title with respect to the following             described lands:


            505007100      LOT 17-BLK/PAR 5PLAN M278 EXT 0     Title No.          150039671

            505007100      LOT 17-BLK/PAR 5PLAN M278 EXT 0                             150039671

            505007100      LOT 17-BLK/PAR 5PLAN M278 EXT 0                             150039671

            505007100      LOT 17-BLK/PAR 5PLAN M278 EXT 0                             150039671



215/20 Nuisance Grounds

            Cote:  Council directs the Administrator to contact the Department of the Environment and             discuss the next steps in decommissioning the landfill. 



216/20   Fire Report

             McLearn:  That Council accepts the verbal Fire Report as presented. 




            Council agrees that the 2020 contract with the Commissionaires was successful.



217/20 Lagoon Report

            Ferris:  That Council accepts the November Lagoon report as read. 



218/20 Water Security Agency Report

            Cote:  That Council accepts the Water Security Agency report as presented. 



NEW BUSINESS                 


219/20 Signing Authority

            Cote:  That the signing authority remains unchanged with Administrator Berry, Mayor Nora             McLearn and Councilor Ferris being the signatories. 



220/20 Resolution to Add Outstanding Utility Bills to Taxes

            Ferris:  That Council directs the Administrator to transfer all outstanding Utility Bills to the          tax roll on December 31, 2020 as per Bylaw 5-2016. 



            Covid-19 Measures

            Council was informed what measures the village is taking to comply with the recent restrictions             beginning November 19, 2020. 


221/20 Office Lighting

            McLearn:  That Council approves purchasing and installing a light for the office back wall             which will remain on when the office is not in use. 



222/20 Office Calendar

            Cote:  That Council approves the office calendars for December. 



223/20 Drop-In Contract

Ferris:  That the Neville Rec Board be charged $75.00 per month to cover utilities (power, gas, water and sewer) for every month that the Drop-In Center is open in 2021, and $1.00 per year lease.  Further, Council directs the Administrator to draft this agreement for Council and the Neville Recreation Board to sign. 


224/20 Mileage

Cote:  That the 2021 rate for mileage remain at $.45 per kilometer.



225/20 Council Remuneration

Ferris:  That Council remuneration remain as follows for 2021:  Mayor $150.00 per month and Councilors $90.00 per month.  Council will receive their monthly remuneration if they have actively worked for council that month and, due to no fault of their own, are unable to attend the Council meeting.   


226/20 Snow Removal

McLearn:  That the Village of Neville will acquire snow removal services for the village for 2021, as needed.


227/20 Maintenance

Cote:  That the Village of Neville continues to contract Harvey Linnen for maintenance services for the Village for 2021.  The contract will be for a minimum of 7 hours per month at $22.00 per hour for maintenance and $22.00 per hour for mowing and snow removal. 



228/19 Deputy Mayor

Cote:  That Councilor Ferris be appointed Deputy Mayor for 2021.



229/20 Development Appeal Board

Ferris:  That the following people are appointed to the Development Appeal Board for RM of Lac Pelletier for 2021:

            Mayor Nora McLearn

            Councilor Mary Ferris

            Councilor Jennifer Cote




230/20 Solicitor

Cote:  That Anderson & Company be retained as Solicitors for 2021. 



231/20 Auditor

Ferris:  That Stark & Marsh be appointed as Auditor for 2021. 



232/19 Appointments

McLearn:  That the following appointments be made for 2021:

            Snow Removal                        Council

            Office – Personnel                  Mayor Nora McLearn

                        - Complex                   Council

            Sewer/Lagoon                         Council

            Roadwork                               Council

            Machine Maintenance             Harvey Linnen

            Finance                                    Council

            Animal Control Officer          Council

            Pest Control Officer               Jim McDowell

            Assessor                                  Administrator

            Prairie Pioneer Lodge             Don Forness

            Ambulance Board                   Nora McLearn

            Fire Board                               Council

            Neville Rec Board                  Council

            Board of Revision                   Notekeu Board of Revision

            Secretary Board of Revision   Notekeu Board of Revision

            Chinook Regional Library      Linda Linnen

            Nuisance Grounds                  Council

            Development Appeal Board   Fred Wernicke, Murray Spetz, Kali Christenson

            Lac Pelletier Ref. Park Rep.   Doug Sherman and Nora McLearn

            Notukeu Brd of Revision       Keith Carleton

            Emergency Contact List         Administrator




Councilor McLearn leaves the meeting at 8:40 pm


233/20 Waste Water Collection

Ferris:  That the Village of Neville agrees to contract Ben McLearn to supervise the Waste Water Collection for 2021. 



Councilor McLearn rejoins the meeting at 8:33 pm






234/20 Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant – Declaration of Eligibility

            Cote:  The Council of the Village of Neville confirms the municipality meets the following             eligibility requirements to receive the Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant:

  • Submission of the 2019 Audited Financial Statement to the Ministry of Government Relations;

  • The municipality does not run a Municipal Waterworks System;

  • In Good Standing with respect to the reporting and remittance of Education Property Taxes;

  • Adoption of a Council Procedures Bylaw;

  • Adoption of an Employee Code of Conduct; and

  • All members of council have filed and annually updated their Public Disclosure Statements, as required; and

            That we authorize the Administrator to sign the Declaration of Eligibility and submit it to the             Ministry of Government Relations.


235/20 Development Permit

            Ferris:  That the Development Permit for Lots 4-6, Block 3, Plan M278 be approved as      presented


236/20 Cemetery Signs

            Cote:  That Council directs the Administrator to look into the cost of a-frame signs for funerals             which state:  Funeral in Progress, Drive Slow


237/20 SWTPC AGM

            Ferris:  That due to the current health crises that Council will not attend the SWTPC AGM



238/20 Regional Meeting

            Ferris:  That Council directs the Administrator to register for the virtual Regional Meeting on             December 2, 2020. 


239/20 Webinars

            Cote:  That Council directs the Administrator to register for the 2 webinars on November 24, 2020: Open Forum on Council Operations, and The Municipalities Act Amendments. 



240/20 Next Meeting

            McLearn:  That the next regular Council Meeting will be December 9, 2020 at 7 p.m.




ADJOURNMENT:  Mayor McLearn declared the meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.



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